Government Gateway

The vast majority of Government related services have slowly been moving online for some time now, and Business Rates is no exception.

As of 1st April 2017, all future business rates will now be managed through the Government Gateway portal – an online platform which offers secure access to national and local online government services.

Chances are you already have a Gateway Account for other necessary services. If you do, you can login and follow the steps to claim your property or properties and appoint SJ Associates as your Agent.

If you don’t already have an account, as ratepayers, you will now be required to register. Once you have registered and received your unique ID, you can then go on to claim your properties and duly assign us, your Rating Agent, to manage them on your behalf.

The SJ Associates Agent Code is: 36840

You will be asked for the Agent Code, shown above, when you assign an agent to one of your properties listed in the Government Gateway portal.

If you are experiencing difficulty registering and claiming properties, please get in touch and we will provide further guidance and support.


Government Gateway Authentication Process

Step 1: Register for the VOA’s Service

Register your personal details such as Date of Birth, National Insurance number, Passport number, P60 etc. This is so that the VOA can contact you personally if they are unable to reach the main business organisation.

Step 2: Register the Business

Registering your business requires the business name and address. It is unclear whether or not this needs to be the registered company address, head office or where the business trades.

Step 3: Claim your Property

Claim your properties using the limited criteria available to search the VOA Website. Please be aware there may be discrepancies between addresses listed in the 2017 Ratings List and those used by the Post Office.

Step 4: Identify and Invite your Agent to Act

Once you have identified your properties you can then invite your Agent to act on your behalf by using their Agent Code (SJ Associates Agent Code being: 36840). You will need to invite your Agent to each property listed in your portfolio individually.




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